Winter Injury Prevention Program

Online Winter Fitness Preparation + Injury Prevention Program

An eight week online functional strength program that will hone in on strengths, improve weaknesses, and support in the prevention of injury. All with goal to maximise your time on and off the slopes this winter. 


Are you ready to hit the slopes again?

Now that temperatures are cooling down in the north, you’re probably thinking about your next ski holiday. With the events of the last few seasons, it’s likely that you’ve been off the slopes for a while.

So let’s get you confident again to boot up and hit the slopes ready this season.

What's included?

Two Personal Online Physiotherapy Sessions and Assessments

16 exercise program videos (that’s 16 workout sessions) 

$350 USD (one time fee)


Added extras such as online consultations possible, please contact directly to learn more.

What’s in it for you?

Through this program you will: 

  • Incrementally build your functional strength to maximise your achievements on and off the slopes.
  • Maintain a better position on skis or board to enjoy the slopes every day.
  • Have a minimised risk for injuries by preparing the body for the unpredictable scenarios. 
  • Feel the benefits reflect on your general health and move more efficiently in your day to day life.
Donny Shredding Online Winter Training Program