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The Nomadic Physio and team offers professional and experienced physiotherapy care and follow up. With over 10 years of experience and many happy clients, the Nomadic Physio comes to you at your home, office, or lodge. For the 2020-2021 winter, there is a clinic in Myoko, Japan.

Our Team

The Nomadic Physio team of professionals can help with issues such as acute injuries, chronic conditions, and injury prevention. They’re experienced, all holding advanced degrees in their field and having supported clients for over 10 years all over the world. We are committed to ongoing education ensuring our patients receive the most up to date practices and care available.

What We Do

We listen. The most important skill to get you back on the slopes, playing field, or court is listening to your specific individual needs and concerns. The Nomadic Physio uses a holistic and evidence-based approach to provide pain relief, restoring range of motion, and more. We want to get you better than you were before, so you can focus on your next challenge.

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During your initial consultation we want to understand you and what your goals are. We will review your medical reports, referrals, or imaging you bring with you. We will make a tailored assessment of your concern, provide a clear and concise diagnosis, and create an individual treatment plan for you to take home.


Passion for Adventure

Through all my adventures, my passion has always been to get everyone physically ready to experience every adventure life has to offer. Every trip I’ve been on, I’ve offered treatment to those needing it. Whether that has been to ensure they are fully fit to tackle that ascent to base camp, finish that gruelling cross-country team bike tour, or even hit their personal goal of 35 days skiing on the mountain in a single season, I am passionate about supporting your adventure.


I’m originally from Queensland, Australia, but over the last decade, I have lived in Canada and am currently based in Japan. Being nomadic is limitless in its possibilities. You learn so much about yourself out there on the open road, rather than trapped behind a computer all day. I love adventures, being challenged and that feeling of achievement once done.

Qualified and Experienced

I have over 10 years experience working in the health and sports science industry. I graduated with a Bachelors in Applied Science – Human Movement Studies (BAppSc) from Queensland University of Technology, travelled the world, then went back and obtained a Masters in Physiotherapy (MPhty). This led me to becoming a physio for numerous professional and amateur athletes, including with the Queensland Academy of Sport.

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I was so lucky to have Donny on the Christmas snowboarding trip last season! I hurt my right elbow when I accidentally jumped into a ditch while snowboarding. Seriously, I don’t know what I would have done without Donny. He gave me a quick check-up and first aid on the mountain. By following his advice, I decided to go to the hospital and found out it was a fracture. The doctor said I would be out for the whole season, but Donny said I would be back in snowboarding in about six weeks, and he really worked to make sure I was! He reduced my pain and helped me restore full range of motion. I was incredibly grateful for the professional care, personalized attention and encouragement that Donny gave me. If it had not been for his help, I could not have recovered so quickly and smoothly.


“As a full time Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor and competitor I have had my fair share of injuries over the years. I am hugely grateful to Donny for helping me maintain my fitness during this time. He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced practitioner and provides an exceptional level of service. He really goes above and beyond what I was expecting and has helped me maximise my training. I dread to think what state my body would have been in now had it not been for his care and attention!”


“From late 2015 through to the middle of 2016, I had been struggling with foot, leg and back injuries, and had been unable to get a proper diagnosis from a number of orthopaedic “specialists”. The closest to a diagnosis I got was “arthritis with unknown cause” and prescriptions for pain killers. In June that year, I visited Don and after our first session he had a diagnosis (4 different issues which were compounding on top of each other) and we were able to start working on them. Dealing with all 4 problems at once has not been a quick, easy or painless process, but Don has remained focused throughout and has answered all of my questions regarding fully and professionally regarding treatment options and rehabilitation exercises.”


“Donny is an excellent physio and has helped me recover from a number of injuries on my adventures. In Minakami, Japan, following a rafting and canyoning weekend, I had a serious shoulder problem. Donny had his table ready-to-go and 30 minutes later I had much improved mobility. He is very professional in his approach but very easy to get along with too.”

Casey Part-time adventurer and keyboard warrior

“I am like one of those middle-aged men who would rather tough it through pain than go to the doctor or get help when I have a problem. However, when I developed ankle pain training for my first marathon, I was surprised to learn the ankle pain was related to weak hips. The exercises I was prescribed really helped. Another time, I mysteriously lost the ability to raise my right leg from my hip to knee at all (I could not walk up the stairs) and in a 30 minute session, Donny managed to restore mobility to it. So, I’m a convert. Thanks, Donny!”

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Winter Series 2017/18 – Ski injuries to the knee – treatment and recovery

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