Tibial Plateau Fractures

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Tibial plateau injuries are rather serious and complex, and can require a fair amount of time on the sidelines for the individual, depending on the extent or type of fracture (tibial plateau fractures are classified into 6 types). What is the Tibial Plateau? The tibial plateau is one of the load bearing structures that holds […]

Knee, Ligament, ACL, PCL, and MCL

Winter Series 2017/18 – Ski injuries to the knee – treatment and recovery

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Medial Cruciate Ligament Injuries During Skiing and Snowboarding Primarily ski and snowboarding injuries tend to affect the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Medial Cruciate Ligament (MCL) with rare occurrence of a Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injuries. This post will go through the ACL and MCL injuries, grades, and treatment. Please note […]

What is Clinical Pilates and how can it help me?

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Clinical Pilates is a movement-based classification and treatment system that incorporates exercises performed in a particular directional bias suited to each individual, following a thorough subjective and objective assessment. Clinical Pilates works by re-establishing a stable, central platform (the body’s core), which may have decreased in strength or been lost altogether due to recent or […]

Stretching on the road

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Traveling for long periods of time can result in you feeling battered by new aches and pains. If you’ve ever had to endure a 14 hour trip on a chicken bus through Central/South America, hugging your backpack in a seat way too small for your legs, having the locals fall asleep on your shoulders, feeling […]

Ankle sprain or strain

Not just an ankle sprain

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Approximately 25% of all injuries for physiotherapy clinics are ones that affect the ankle, and 75% of these tend to affect the lateral complex. However there are a multitude of variances and differential diagnosis that play a part and can lead to chronic ankle instability if not detected. Research has shown that there are little […]

Ah Coffee + The benefits of Caffeine

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Being a lover of coffee, exercise and physical activity in general, the effects of caffeine on an individual’s performance has always been of interest to me. Below is a list of the known benefits of caffeine consumption. Increases energy availability Increases daily energy expenditure Decreases fatigue Decreases the sense of effort associated with physical activity […]