Clinical Pilates is a movement-based classification and treatment system that incorporates exercises performed in a particular directional bias suited to each individual, following a thorough subjective and objective assessment.

Clinical Pilates works by re-establishing a stable, central platform (the body’s core), which may have decreased in strength or been lost altogether due to recent or past injury, childbirth or decreased physical activity. It enables the body to integrate most effectively the two main muscular systems, the deep
muscles (the endurance and stabilising muscles) and the superficial muscles (the large major moving muscles). In conjunction with appropriate neural stimulation, Clinical Pilates provides essential information to the brain to produce the best movement output for an individual. Clinical Pilates introduces several factors to enhance muscle recruitment for individuals so that they can acquire proper control and skill acquisition to increase their stability, reduce their pain, improve their function and prevent
from further injuries.

The primary factors of Clinical Plates include:

Direction: aims to position the injury into the least provocative position, minimising the pain and allowing for increased muscle recruitment to enhance stability in the region.
Stretching: concentrates on exercising in the mid-range movement area and using greater control towards end of range movements, instead of a higher proportion of end of range stretching.
Load: requires lower loads for stability while increasing the task complexity. This increases the motor-control challenge and increases stabilisation activity.
Repetitions: activities need to be performed a greater number of times. This ensures that core stability becomes an automatic response/action by the body.

Not all pilates requires machines either. There are several aspects that can be performed in any location, you just need a little bit of floor space and away you go. So if you feel like your treatment is plateauing and you are only addressing the symptoms – rather than the underlying cause – Clinical Pilates might be right up your alley to eliminate any pain and get back to 100%.


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