Traveling for long periods of time can result in you feeling battered by new aches and pains. If you’ve ever had to endure a 14 hour trip on a chicken bus through Central/South America, hugging your backpack in a seat way too small for your legs, having the locals fall asleep on your shoulders, feeling every bump in the road due to the non-existent suspension of the bus you’re currently riding in… all just to save your pennies for a well earned cerveza on the other end, then you can totally understand the discomfort I’m talking about. A good way to minimise the adverse effects on your body from long distance travel is to incorporate a decent stretching protocol in your routine. Just take 20-30 minutes a day or every other day to help your body recover.

Here’s a few of my regular stretches that help to keep me on the road when I travel:

1: Lumbar rotation stretch (top left corner)

2: Hip flexor stretch (top right corner)

3: Hamstring and calf stretch (bottom left corner)

4: Gluteal stretch (bottom right corner)

I hold my stretches for 6 x 30 seconds per leg per stretch, which I have found benefits myself the most. If that is too time consuming for you to implement, then at least try to get 3 x 30 seconds in per stretch.